Reviews: The POTV Lobo Dry Herb Vaporizer – A Journey from Skeptic to Believer

Written by: Robyn Blaze



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Once upon a time, in the hazy summer of the new millennium. Along the canals of Amsterdam sat a coffee shop, where a super baked small-town American girl encountered her first vaporizer. It was a beast: a behemoth glass globe that looked more like a science experiment than a smoking device. Fast forward through the years, from the luxury oddity of tabletop vapes to the sleek allure of portable devices, and here I am, with the POTV Lobo cradled in my hands, a tale of redemption ready to unfold.

From Disappointment to Discovery

My short tryst with handheld vaporizers started back in 2016 with the PAX 3, a device that promised much but delivered little, at least to me. After a messy affair with its concentrate container, I relegated it to the depths of a drawer, returning to my old flames: combustion, dabs and resin carts. I had been privileged enough to experience the euphoria of vaping dry herb from the high-end Storz & Bickel brand of vaporizers including the iconic Volcano and the Mighty. So I knew just how good vaporizing could be but I always found the price tag of these devices too high. No pun intended.

The siren call of vaping, with its promise of purity and potency, was hard to ignore. My quest for an honest and affordable vape resumed, leading me on a journey to some very interesting places like the vibrant subreddit of vaporents, where tales of cap vapes and convection miracles danced through threads of wisdom and wit. You may have to wade through some nonsense but the information is out there now more than ever before. Groups and experts are coming together and sharing information. Educating on the benefits of vaporizing over combustion and designing some outstanding and competitively priced vaporizers.

Currently, the market is awash with dry herb vaporizers of differing qualities, and without knowing exactly what to look for, it's all too easy to overspend on a subpar device which could really tarnish your vaping experience. But rejoice my friends because the secret world of dry herb vaping has finally dawned on the common man, or woman and the future looks bright. 

Enter the Lobo by Planet of The Vapes

The Lobo, with its sleek design and tantalizing promise, caught my eye. I picked one up for a discounted price at the POTV's 420 sale. The Lobo is available in 3 colors including forest green, blue and black. Opting for a splash of color, I picked the blue. A cart full of cool accessories later, and I was ready to dive back into the world of vaping, hopeful but cautious. My Lobo arrived perfectly packaged a few short days later. The unboxing was a ritual of anticipation; every neatly packed accessory whispered promises of highs yet to come. Yet, the true test lay ahead.

First Impressions and Rituals

Charging the Lobo was an exercise in patience, a prelude to the ritual burn-offs required to purify its oven. Despite the wait, the process was a testament to the care put into this device. The Lobo, with its titanium oven and solid build, felt like a talisman of quality in my hands. Its digital display was a beacon for my 40-something eyes, and its cleverly designed oven access and interchangeable mouthpieces hinted at the thoughtful engineering behind its creation.

A Revelation in Vapor

My first session with the Lobo was nothing short of a revelation. Gone were the struggles from my PAX experience; in their place, smooth, flavorful clouds that danced with the essence of my favorite strains. Experimenting with temperatures and sessions, I found my sweet spot, marveling at the efficiency of this little powerhouse. The Lobo not only delivered on its promise but redefined my expectations of what a dry herb vaporizer could be.

A Convert's Confession

I've walked the path of a stoner for nearly three decades, witnessing the evolution of cannabis consumption. The Lobo, with its unassuming price and unpretentious design, stands as a testament to how far we've come. It's not just a vaporizer; it's a bridge to a cleaner, more flavorful experience, free from the tethers of combustion.

The Verdict

The Planet of the Vapes Lobo is not just another device; it's a harbinger of change for newbies and connoisseurs alike. Its ability to deliver potent, flavorful hits, coupled with the versatility to handle concentrates, places it firmly in the realm of must-have cannabis tech. For under $200, you're not just getting a vape; you're getting a companion for your cannabis journey.

So, here I am, a convert to the church of dry herb vaping, preaching the gospel of the Lobo. If you're on the fence, take the leap. The view from here is pretty spectacular, and I promise, you'll be in good company.

Robin Blaze - Cultural Correspondent & Cannabis Connoisseur

Robin Blaze

Cultural Correspondent & Cannabis Connoisseur

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