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At Kaspers Tees, we believe in the power of gratitude and creating meaningful connections with our loyal customers. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our exciting monthly giveaway program exclusively for our email subscribers! By joining our email list, you not only gain access to the latest updates, exclusive discounts, and insider news but also stand a chance to win a fantastic $100 gift card every month! Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities and indulge in the joy of receiving delightful surprises!

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The Gift of Giving Back

As a token of our appreciation for your support, we want to give back to our incredible community of email subscribers. We understand the value of building relationships and nurturing connections, and what better way to do that than through monthly giveaways? By offering a generous $100 gift card to one lucky subscriber each month, we aim to spread joy, excitement, and a little extra love to our valued customers. And that's not all we intend to do multiple random gift card giveaways every month. You never know when you might just be the lucky recipient of a winning email. 

How to Enter 

Participating in our monthly giveaway is as easy! All you need to do is join our email list through our website, and you'll automatically be entered into the draw. One $100 gift card Winner will be selected by a random number generator on the first of every month. No purchase necessary. Making a purchase does not increase your chances of winning. Winners are notified by email within 72 hours of the draw.

Unleashing Your Personality

While you eagerly await the announcement of the winner, we encourage you to explore our vast collection of t-shirts and stickers, ignite your imagination and allow your unique personality to shine through. With a $100 gift card, you can choose from an array of captivating designs that resonate with your interests, passions, and sense of style. Express yourself, make a statement, and showcase your individuality with every piece you select.

Creating a Community of Winners

Our monthly giveaways not only offer a chance to win, but they also foster a sense of belonging within our community. Through these exciting events, we hope to connect with our customers on a deeper level, celebrate their support, and inspire a sense of camaraderie among fellow t-shirt and sticker enthusiasts. Join us in this collective celebration of self-expression, where everyone has an equal opportunity to experience the thrill of winning.

Join our email list today and unlock a world of possibilities. By becoming part of our vibrant community, you gain access to the latest updates, exclusive discounts, and insider news. And let's not forget the icing on the cake—the chance to win a $100 gift card every month! At Kaspers Tees, we believe that our customers deserve to be celebrated, and our monthly giveaways are just one way of showing our gratitude. So, don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to express yourself, explore our incredible collection, and sign up for a chance to win big!

Remember, at Kaspers Tees, we're not just about t-shirts and stickers; we're about creating connections, fostering personality, and spreading joy. Join our email list, embark on a journey of self-expression, and let us surprise and delight you with our monthly giveaways.

Sign up now, and let the excitement begin!

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